Revolution – Program


This program is subject to change but this represents the gist of our goals and how we’ll get there.

Safety First!

. Wear close-toed shoes
. Leave headphones/ earbuds in bag
. Respect people around you, the tools and the space

Earn a Bike Program 8 Weeks

~2 hour sessions

In this program participants will gain a thorough understanding of how to repair and maintain the main systems of a bicycle. They will have a chance to not only re‐build a bike from scratch for Firebird to give back to the community, but also to build a bike for themselves as they go along.

Each week, when participants finish their planned work on a shop bike, they can move on to addressing similar components on their personal bike.

Week 1 – Introduction to Bike Mechanics and the Shop Learn different types of bikes and bike anatomy + Shop tour and rules of respect within space/workshop expectations + Strip a bike to get used to using tools and names of parts

Week 2 – Tubes & Tires – Learn how to fix a flat tire, how to assess a wheel

Week 3 – Hubs – Learn how to take off a free wheel, repack and greaser front/back wheel Adjusting cones and troubleshooting

Week 4 – Bottom Brackets – Intro to parts, take off pedals and remove crank arm + Learn different types and tune up/repack bearings

Week 5 – Work on Building Your Own Bike

Week 6 – Headsets – Learn how to diagnose a headset, learn about handle bar and stem adjustments

Week 7 – Wheel Truing – Learn how to assess a wheel, adjusting spokes and use of a truing stand

Week 8 – Brakes – Intro to 3 different types of brakes + Learn how to change brake cables, housing, replacing pads and adjustments

Week 9 – Drive Train – Learn about derailleurs, gear shifters and chain + Learn different gears and how to adjust derailleurs

Week 10 – Work On Building Your Own Bike

Additional – Open Shop Drop-In Hours – Open shop hours will provide time for participants to come in and make up a class if they miss a week.

Don’t forget your ABCs!
A air (tire, tube, wheel)
B brakes (cable, lever, pads)
C chain (derailleurs, wear)